Impersonation in Keycloak

I had to implement user impersonation using Keycloak. I haven’t found any e2e solution so I decided to write short post about how we can achieve that.

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Thoughts about recruitment

In may I faced some non typical situation. My new customer canceled our contract before it started. I was left without any project. Initially I was disappointed and angry about this situation, but it’s no good crying over spilt milk :)

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How to add text over JTable print?

During work on one of my last projects I faced to problem, how to add text over JTable print? I couldn’t find any solution which would suit to my case. After several hours of trying another approaches I found easy way how to add text over JTable print. Let’s see how to do this!

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Caching per request with Spring

Recently, I had to cache some values during processing HTTP request in Spring application. Spring does not offer out of the box solution for this, so I had to write my own request cache.

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String.format - not so obvious

To format numbers in Java we should use String.format method, which arguments are:

  • Locale instance
  • specified string format
  • arguments to format (array of objects)
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How to customize HTTP communication logging with RestTemplate?

Nowadays HTTP communication is very important in enterprise projects. For people who use Spring related technologies an obvious decision is to use RestTemplate for executing HTTP requests. Today, I’m going to describe how to customize HTTP communication logging while using RestTemplate.

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Angular 1.5 - scope data binding

This week the QA reported an issue. It was about not downloading file, when a download button was clicked. We use Angular 1.5 to develop frontend of our application. This was Angular related issue which I will describe for you.

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How to start fast working with JDBC?

Many people, at the beginning of their adventure with software development, are scared how many things and tools they have to learn. This is example how to start fast working with JDBC (for more information please go here). There is no need to install any database engine - we will use simple H2 database.

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Starting blog!

Hello everyone! Thank You for visitng my blog. This is a place, where I would try to describe my daily tricky problems (with solutions) while working with Java, JavaScript, SQL and related technologies.

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